Artificial Insemination at Home: How to Use a V Conceive to Get Pregnant

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Artificial insemination at home is not only cinch but a very common method of conceiving these days. Many couples have shifted to this method of conception for better results in situations where either partner’s infertility might be posing a problem.

Infertility has become a rather common cause of concern among couples these days. Many couples face the problem of infertility in their later ages. This infertility in women can be due to hormonal imbalances, or aged infertile eggs, or some reproductive organs issue.

The reason for not being able to conceive can also be due to infertility in males. Sometimes the sperms are not mobile enough to travel to the uterus. The quality and quantity of sperms is a major determinant of conceiving.

All these factors obstruct couples from conceiving naturally. However, with advancements, in medical sciences there are methods like intrauterine insemination (IUI) which can be performed to get pregnant.

Can I use a V Conceive to get pregnant?

Is not being able to conceive naturally hindering your path to parenthood? Are you unable to conceive even after numerous tries? Well, there is nothing to feel guilty about. It has become very common in today’s time to not being able to conceive naturally due to various factors.

If you’ve been having unprotected sex from over a year without getting pregnant, then it is high time you consult your gynecologist right away. There can be many reasons due to which you are unable to conceive and your doctor shall run some tests and guide you about the same.

Even if you can’t conceive naturally, it should not stop you from being a mother. There are methods which your doctor might suggest to you.

One such method is artificial insemination. Hearing this method many women tend to ask if they can get pregnant using a V Conceive. Using a syringe is a common method of helping women conceive if they are unable to do so through intercourse.

A V Conceive is used to get pregnant by inserting male’s semen into it and then injecting this semen filled syringe into the female’s vagina. This method of conceiving is very safe and is commonly used by couples these days.

So, if you still have second thoughts about can you use a V Conceive to get pregnant then the following content will provide detailed information on how this works.


Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is widely used by same-sex couples, single mothers, or couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

Artificial insemination at home is a method by which artificially the male semen is inserted into the female’s vagina using a syringe. The male semen is collected in a sterilized container from where it is inserted in the syringe and injected into the women’s vagina.

The process of artificial insemination can either be undergone in a fertility clinic under the guidance of experienced doctors or can even be performed at home.

Many couples these days are shifting to home insemination because of the easy availability of home insemination kits, ovulation trackers, and other required equipment. Also, the procedure is quite simple and can even be done individually which is why couples these days choose home insemination as a method to conceive.

What is Home insemination?

Inseminating at home is a very easy and straightforward process. If you would like to perform the process of artificial insemination at home itself then home insemination is the best choice.

Let me briefly explain how insemination at home works!

To undergo home insemination the first thing you’ll need is a home insemination kit. Such artificial insemination at home kits are easily available online or maybe at your nearby medical stores.

The self insemination kit consists of a sterilized syringe, cup, ovulation trackers, etc. If you are a single mother you need to get sperms from a local sperm donor bank.

The process is quite simple; all you have to do is collect the semen in the sterilized cup. Then, insert it into the needle less syringe and inject it into the vagina slowly using V Conceive. Wait for 15- 20 minutes before resuming your regular activities.

What basically happens here is that the sperms which would not have been able to fertilize the egg by reaching the uterus naturally will now have a fair chance of not only reaching the uterus but also fertilizing the eggs. Isn’t home insemination easy?

How to use a syringe to get pregnant?

Not being able to conceive even after ample times of trying can be worrisome and bothering. It not only declines your mental but also emotional health. Sometimes, your doctor says you are too late to plan a family and one starts feeling guilty about the delay. That said, pregnancy might get difficult at later ages but is not impossible. The process of home insemination or artificial insemination can be used in such cases.

Artificial insemination at home is a method of inserting sperms into the woman’s vagina through a syringe when natural intercourse does not lead to pregnancy. To use this method of conceiving one has to use a V Conceive to get pregnant.

Let me explain how to use a syringe to get pregnant:

  • Step 1:

For home insemination, firstly, you’ll need sperms to initiate the process. You may contact a local sperm bank if you plan to become a single mother. Make sure you consult your doctor and decide on a donor together as they’ll suggest you the genuine and reliable ones. Couples can omit this point.

  • Step 2:

For the next step, you need to track your ovulation cycle as the effectiveness of home insemination increases if done while ovulating. You may use an ovulation tracker or a basal thermometer. For a basal thermometer, you need to measure your temperature before you leave your bed in the morning. A slight increase in seen in the temperature while one ovulates.

  • Step 3:

Once you know you are ovulating and your sperms are ready to be used, it is time to use the syringe. Take your home insemination kit and keep all the things handy. Wash your hands first. Now fill the semen in the sterilized cup which comes with the self insemination kit. Take the syringe from kit or if you are going to purchase an individual syringe (not the one equipped in-home insemination kit) make sure it is needless.

  • Step 4:

Remove any air from the syringe. Fill the syringe with as much semen as you can. Tap the sides of the syringe to remove any air bubbles. Now, slowly inject the semen in the vagina as close to the cervix as you can. The closer you inject the higher your chances of getting pregnant are. Make sure you do this step slowly. After the syringe has emptied all its contents put it aside and stay in the same position for the next 15-20 minutes after which you may resume your daily activities.

This is how you shall use a V Conceive to get pregnant. It is simple and easy with all the pieces of equipment like artificial insemination kits available online.

How effective is using a V Conceive to get pregnant?

Using a syringe to get pregnant is very effective for the couples who are impotent to conceiving naturally. Using a V Conceive to get pregnant is a part of artificial insemination or home insemination. It is the most common method of conceiving advised by the doctors to infertile couples.

The effectiveness of using a V Conceive to get pregnant has been proven time and now with so many people having fulfilled their dream of being parents through the process.

The chance of getting pregnant using a V Conceive depends completely on the accuracy of the method.

  • Firstly, if you compare this method of conceiving to the natural method then I’d say the chance of conceiving through intercourse is 30-40% per cycle whereas the chance of getting pregnant using a V Conceive is 15-20% per cycle.
  • Secondly, using a V Conceive to get pregnant might not yield the results in the first try. People try this method a lot of times before conceiving. Also, there is no limit to the number of times home insemination can be used.
  • Thirdly, the effectiveness of getting pregnant using a V Conceive increases tremendously if the home insemination process is done while a woman is ovulating. Ovulation increases the chance of getting pregnant. If you choose getting artificially inseminated at a fertility clinic, chances are your doctor shall give you an ovulation tracker and will give you an appointment while you’ll be ovulating.
  • The people who wish to inseminate at home can buy ovulation strips or basal thermometer online or from medical stores to determine ovulation days for undergoing the procedure. Some home insemination kits come equipped with ovulation trackers. In this way, using a syringe to get pregnant is not only effective but also very user friendly.

Risks of using a V Conceive to get pregnant

Although the procedure of home insemination seems easy yet there are certain risks involved. These risks depend on you and your method. Some precautions to be taken and points to be kept in mind while artificial insemination are:

  1. Home insemination many times poses the risks of infections. It is always advised to run some infection tests once you inseminate at home. The infection tests will let you know if any serious problem is there or not. You may consult your doctor in either case.
  1. Even if you decide about inseminating at home yet it is very necessary to consult your doctor once. Your doctor will guide you and help you in any way possible.
  1. While injecting the semen into the vagina through a syringe make sure you do not get into the cervix. It is very sensitive and dangerous. This method of injecting semen into the cervix should only be performed by doctors.
  1. Before self insemination, get your fertility tests done to be sure of the reason you are unable to conceive.
  1. If you are using a donor’s sperm, make sure proper tests are run on the sperms for any diseases. Also, make a thorough background investigation of the donor to be sure about your child’s genes.
  1. Your home insemination kit must consist of a detailed user manual. It is always recommended to read, understand, and work according to the instructions given in it. Home insemination kits of different brands may vary in equipment and their usages so it is always better to refer to the instructions provided.
  1. Keep all the pieces of equipment well sterilized and make sure you wash your hands or sanitize before touching anything. Using hygienic practices will cut the chance of any infection.

Is it safe to use a syringe to get pregnant?

It is quite safe to use a syringe to get pregnant if you are a couple and using your partner’s sperms. However, using a donor’s sperm needs proper investigation and check about the donor.

The home insemination kits come with an instruction manual too. Also, if you follow the steps mentioned and take proper care of hygiene it is completely safe to use a syringe to get pregnant.


Will using a syringe to get pregnant work?

The success rates of using a syringe to get pregnant are proven. A V Conceive to get pregnant might take longer than the natural conception time but will provide desirable rates.

You can take a pregnancy test after 15 days of the procedure. In case you do not get the wanted results, try to repeat this process of home insemination after a few days again. Make sure you don’t miss your ovulation period or you’ll have to wait for the next cycle.


Using home insemination as a way of conceiving has its own benefits and comforts. The method of using a V Conceive to get pregnant can fulfill your dream of parenthood. Artificial insemination at home using a V-conceive is easy and convenient. I recommend “V-conceive home insemination kit”, which is easily available online at an affordable price. It might take time but provides positive results. This method is safe and has provided proven results. You are just one step away from your dream of conceiving.


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