You’re not alone! Read about these celebrities who struggled with infertility

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Infertility is not just a medical term.

It’s more than that. The amount of pain, griefs, heartbreaks and emotional turbulence one goes through due to infertility is unimaginable.

If you have been trying to conceive for a long time, and your doctor has just confirmed infertility is the cause of hindrance, then we can relate to the grief and pain you might be going through at the moment.

You may be feeling guilty or even cursing yourself if the grief is extreme.

However, you should know that you’re not alone. If you look up on to the internet, you will find tons of personal stories about infertility and coping with it. And, if you’re wondering “why only you had to go through this pain”, then you’ll be amazed to know that you’re not alone! In fact, there are many celebrities too who struggled with infertility. They have been bold enough to come up and talk about it openly. Curious? Read more.

Celebrity moms who underwent infertility treatments


Infertility is nothing new and you’re not alone in the journey.

There are many celebrity moms who have come up front to speak about their infertility challenges and their conceiving journey.

Chrissy Teigen is one such celebrity mom who spreads awareness about IVF and speaks openly about her infertility pains and challenges. This supermodel celebrity is now mom to two beautiful kids with a little help from science.

Gabrielle Union, the 45-year-old actress underwent eight or nine miscarries before she finally became a stepmom. She wrote in her book that dealing with infertility is painful, but answering questions to the world is even more painful.

Nicole Kidman mentioned publicly that she had a tough time with infertility in 2011.

She and her husband Tom Cruise embraced parenthood through adoption. Later, Kidman wed Keith Urban and embraced motherhood one more time through surrogacy.

She too acknowledges the pain and complications of infertility.

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star had a tough time getting pregnant for the second time.

She is one more celebrity mom who believes that infertility is too tough to be handled.

The 35-year old Jaime King, opened up saying she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis.

She underwent five miscarriages, five rounds of IVF and 26 rounds of intrauterine insemination before she conceived her son.

Actress Elizabeth Banks and her husband finally became parents after they decided to go with gestational surrogacy to welcome their kids.

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Bollywood celebrities who struggled with infertility

When it comes to our own Bollywood, there are lots of celebrities who have suffered from infertility but have now embraced parenthood through different fertility treatments, surrogacy, and adoption.

Farah Khan, the famous choreographer, and director gave birth to triplets in 2008 and hit the news headlines. She chose IVF as a way to become a mother.

Amir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao welcomed their son through IVF surrogacy.


Sohail and Seema Khan who were suffering from secondary infertility welcomed their second child through IVF surrogacy.

Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri became second times parents through surrogacy.

Every woman has a mother in her heart. Not able to become one because of infertility is heartbreaking.

To top it off, there are constant social pressure and stigma attached to it.

However, with the tremendous progress of science, thankfully, we have several options to reverse infertility. From IVF to IUI, surrogacy to adoption, there are many ways to embrace motherhood.

So, if you are really keen to become a mom, gather as much knowledge as you can to make an informed decision.

The good part is, you don’t need to go anywhere or ask anyone to get your queries answered. All you need to do is, spend some time on online research.

With tons of information and options available online, you can definitely make a choice. Plus, you can seek answers to all your queries as anonymous without revealing your identity

However, if you’re skeptical to proceed with the above fertility treatments, a simple DIY Subhag Home Insemination technique is a great way to reverse your infertility and become a parent.

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