Does Birth Control Affect Your Fertility Later in Life?

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Birth Control Affect Your Fertility

One of the most common questions that people come across in their initial stage of marriage/relationship and yet no clearly precise information is available.

Since visiting a doctor every time popping contraceptive pills is not possible, one needs proper knowledge to ensure that there are no ill effects of actions that are taken due to the risk of getting pregnant.

Can birth control affect your fertility? The right and straight answer are NO unless a woman goes under Sterilization – getting the fallopian tube tied, to stop sperm and ovum meet through the surgery process!

“There are numerous ways to prevent pregnancy and none of them causes infertility”, this statement does require a lot of research to be mentioned here. I have been researching the ill effects of contraceptives and people’s points of view over the same and came across a lot of questions such as can birth control affect your fertility? How does birth control affect your fertility? Can birth control affect your fertility in the future? Etc. The answer was No, after all the research that took me a year to gather relevant and long-lasting knowledge about the effects that contraceptive causes your internal organs and hormones.

The details of popular types of birth controls are mentioned below:

The most common method that is adopted at first place by a naive teenager or an experienced woman that comes first in mind is

Contraceptive pills

Due to the rigorous marketing of I-pill and 72 hours, etc. the reach of these products is more than others available. The efficiency of these pills is much easier than getting into surgery and other vaginal insertion alternatives that are available. Yet it is one of the known facts, the ill-effects of contraceptives are direct on the health of individuals.

They increase the severity of hormonal imbalance in the body resulting in the release of estrogen and progesterone sometimes. These are the hormones that thicken the uterus walls, that cause late or no menstruation for some months. But the main thing is these pills do not affect the fertility of the woman in any way.

Research has witnessed women who were on regular medication for more than 4 years were more fertile than those who had used them for less than 2 years. 20% of women got pregnant in their first ovulation period and the rest 80% of them got pregnant under one year of discontinuing the oral medication.

Here the question can birth control affect your fertility has been answered pretty safely that No, birth control methods, such as oral contraceptives do not affect fertility in the long run.

How do contraception pills work?

Most contraception pills use synthetic hormones that are almost like those produced within the female body—estrogen, and progesterone. These hormones work together to stop ovulation by signalling to the brain to decrease the production and release of FSH (FSH) and LH (LH). FSH and LH are vital within the maturation and ovulation of eggs during a typical cycle.

The estrogen and progesterone from the contraception pills also cause the uterine lining to become inhospitable for embryo implantation and cause the cervical mucus to be too hostile of an environment for sperm to swim toward the cervix.

For such reasons, the result is not infertility but the reach of sperm is difficult that can be taken care through various available options such as artificial inception, one can always use home inception kits to place the sperm directly to the vaginal region or to the fallopian tube for the process of fertilization.

Copper IUD

The copper insertion T shaped device that has to be placed inside the Vagina, in the uterus area. Copper acts as a guard to prevent ovum from getting in touch with the sperm i.e. to prevent fertilization. This device is also known as ParaGard, it releases the copper ions that are toxic to Sperm and kills them before reaching the fallopian Tube. Hence prevents pregnancy.

The question here is how does birth control affect your fertility? As we know Copper UID does not have any other side effects related to hormonal unbalancing, it is certain that it does not affect future chances of pregnancy as well.

The studies have shown, Women, getting pregnant real fast as soon as birth control has been removed, 81% of Copper T users became pregnant compared to 71% of non-Copper T users. That shows the impact of using contraceptives over personality has no effect on fertility.

Vaginal Ring

Also known as Nuva Ring, a flexible, transparent ring that is inserted inside the vagina. It is for four weeks of time that approximately worth of preventing conception and needs to be changed after that.

This ring works as a guard to prevent sperm from meeting to ova hence stops fertilization. It was difficult to find studies based on this method because this is a very less opted option and is not quite popular.

Fertility awareness Methods

There exists a lot of information that people are not aware of, some of the natural ways for birth control such as not having intercourse on “wet days” that are counted as ovulation periods somewhere around 10 days before your period. Having sex just after or during periods is safe, as women tend to have less or zero fertile eggs during that period.

This can be simply done by tracking your ovulation and menstrual cycles every month. Other than that, the latest mobile applications are there, known as a period calculator that somehow gives exact responses regarding the ovulation and period dates.

Here there are no questions like, does taking birth control affect your fertility? Or can birth control affect your fertility in the future? Because you are away from chemical or other insertion birth control tools and there will be no effect on your fertility in this case. Also, it is one of the ways of self-care and daily routine that I would suggest everyone should keep.

How does birth control affect your fertility?

To answer this question, I would like to underline the mere fact that taking birth control does not affect a woman’s fertility in any of the ways unless the organs are harmed due to the wrong use of tools or Hormonal pills. That too in very rare cases. But having a sound knowledge about human biology has something very serious to take with, especially in the case of females.

Awareness regarding natural methods or using female condoms are very less available online and not even talked frequently! Resulting in wrong interpretation and undesired results due to lack of the information available.

There are many alternatives to solve the problem of not being able to conceive on time, but unfortunately, the light on awareness is not enough that a couple can get to resolve the problem.

Can birth control affect your fertility in the future?

Other than the above options there are some alternatives that are not convenient and may cause some serious delay when you are ready to conceive. One such option is using shot/injections of progesterone hormone. Women taking this as the birth control method need to get shot/injection every 3 months to control the Hormonal balance, but when the couple tries to conceive by discontinuing the shots/injection routine it gets difficult.

Studies have shown a delay of 5 to 10 months to conceive after the last shot hence this is the less recommended method that should be considered in terms of birth control. Ill effects may include access to weight gain and mood swings as well.


In order to sum up, the birth control methods and their effects- I would like to make out the point that the ill effects severely depend on the choice of birth control that you are adopting and one needs a lot of research for the questions like can birth control affect your fertility? Or does taking birth control affect your fertility? The highlighted answer is no, but even after that, you’re facing a problem with conception, with being discontinued the birth control method. And the natural method of getting pregnant is not working; you can always go for artificial inceptions.

There can be a lot of reasons behind not being able to get pregnant on time. Some of these reasons can directly be linked to fertility or low sperm sterility of your male partner.

Some of the possible reasons are listed below:

  1. Not trying long enough
  2. Not tracking ovulation period
  3. Low capacity of sperm
  4. Infertile or less healthy ova
  5. Uterus walls being not hospitable
  6. Health issues
  7. Female organs
  8. Chronological age

There can be other reasons also that are not generally related to birth control methods or ill effects of contraceptives. But there is no need to lose hope. One can always look to advance medical sciences that have innovative and new technology available, to make you able to conceive really quick and with safe and assured forms.

Options such as IVF and Surrogacy are always there but Indian takes a back step when suggested with these methods that include a lot of thinking. Therefore, I suggest going for less severe and quite secretive options that will only include you and your partner. The artificial insemination options having been facing hard times if you got stuck due to birth control pill affects you can always go for at-home insemination option.

This is something highly recommended by those who have used it and have witnessed favorable results, many of my knowns have recommended at-home insemination kit, using an artificial way of conception that triggers pregnancy and makes it easy for those who have deliberately been trying to get pregnant and start their happy family.

The feelings that are associated with getting pregnant and starting a family are something out of this world but should remain secret until everything gets on the right track, but methods like IVF and surrogacy involve a large number of people’s involvement that creates unnecessary stress for the mother to be! Therefore, one should always consider easy and assured ways for these decisions. Home insemination is a trusted and popular method among those who have waited years to get pregnant and got results after using the artificial insemination at home.

How a home insemination kit is a better option for you if affected by birth control pills?

Home insemination kits are one of the best ways that come with easy handling instructions and are recommended by Doctors. Couples have been experimenting with a lot of Home remedies that fail most of the time. Reason being simple, the main problem with infertility is the low crawling ability of sperm that fails to reach the ova. The simple problem has a simple solution, use the home insemination method before trying anything else.

It is largely said one thing that suits someone is not necessarily going to suit others as well. So, stop being under family pressure and using remedies that are years old and ineffective. Go for something that ensures results and does not harm you in any way. There may be a chance that the problem that you think is severe may not be the one!

The popularity of this technology is not much, but the studies have shown better chances of desired results that were seen in many couples having problems with conception.

The home insemination kit is available online which means it is easily accessible and easy to use. This is an inexpensive way to reach out to the happiness that you and your family have been expecting from years. The key to happiness is that it is secretive and less hectic, one can order online and use it just by following the instructions, no need of doctor’s appointment, no need for harmful medication. It is chaos free and safe technique.

Even if you think your birth control choice was a fault and is a reason for you not being able to conceive you can always try having an easy method for insemination at home.

Where you are trying a lot, one small step will not harm as well. I am saying this because I have been witnessing the results. The assurance is pretty huge, your past regrets can be turned into nothing or a normal thing when you’ll receive the result.

Home insemination can be your first choice if you have a clear and general knowledge about the same. There are no ill or after-effects of this procedure, it is a safe and secure way of implantation of sperm at the safest place possible where the sperm is failing to reach this insemination kit will place it at the right place that will trigger the chances of pregnancy and one can yield the result at the quickest possibility.


None of the desires has ever been easy for humans but science has made it possible for us to get the desired results quickly with the help of technology. Birth control was a scientific discovery and now is a result of innovations. You are not required to be tensed about the ill effects, if there is a problem, the solution must be there as well!

Being able to become a parent is one of the best happiness in life especially for a married one. But our choices and population should be always kept in mind while we take the next step to get started with family. Birth control is a requirement that one should be aware of. And you should always research the possible outcomes before inserting anything inside your body. Knowledge enables you to take secure decisions for the present as well as for the future. The life of the family depends on your prior research.

If still, you have doubts regarding fertility and birth control being a question, one can always go for home insemination kit or artificial inception, the easiest way to get pregnant without getting huge financial investment for birthing the future of your kind!

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