How Does Smoking Marijuana Kills Sperm?

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How does smoking marijuana affect sperm

Our advanced lifestyle is very unique from that of past ages and is regularly packed with stress. Add to this drug abuse, and the effect on our bodies just becomes worse.

These are a portion of the reasons behind the present developing occurrence of male infertility. No less than 7% of men globally experience infertility issues because smoking marijuana kills sperm.

In the Western world, marijuana is the most generally utilized recreational drug with a dominatingly male client base.

Among men, marijuana is being utilized at more youthful ages. Many countries have still not legalized marijuana use, however, in certain its recreational and medical use has recently been authorized.

On account of a steep increase in help for recreational marijuana use throughout the years, an expected 16.5% of adults use marijuana in the US.

This requires a superior understanding of the health impacts of weed use and also smoking marijuana kills sperm.

Marijuana and sperm have a complicated and confounding relationship. A few studies have discovered that men who smoke marijuana have a higher sperm count.

Other research has discovered they have a lower sperm count. In any case, what’s chosen is that the several chemicals in marijuana tinker with sperm on a profound level — and new research exhibits why.


What is marijuana and how can it work?

Marijuana, otherwise called cannabis, is a psychoactive substance gotten from the cannabis plant and is utilized for clinical or recreational purposes. The dynamic segment present in marijuana is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It ties to receptors in the testicles and mind.

Before, marijuana has been appeared to change hormone levels, increment the risk of creating insane scatters, and influence the brain. Chronic marijuana use is additionally one reason for psychological deficits.

However, there are few studies that have watched the impact of marijuana use on male fertility or sperm count. However, there are numerous bits of gossip about the marijuana-induced bringing down of sperm count and quality.

Does Smoking Weed Affect Your Sperm Count?

Numerous individuals battle with fertility problems, and there is a heap of various reasons why these can happen.

The impacts of infertility can be devastating, and couples who are attempting to conceive will need to do everything conceivable so as to build their odds of a successful pregnancy.

For men who wish to conceive naturally, sperm count is a significant factor to consider alongside sperm morphology and motility.

Each drop of semen contains a large number of minuscule sperm, and anything below 15 million sperm for every milliliter is considered imperfect for fertility. Morphology implies the size and state of sperm, whether they are healthy, disfigured, too huge, or excessively little.

Finally, motility refers to the sperms’ ability to move towards an egg and achieve fertilization.

Although the above studies both found a relationship between marijuana use and genetic changes, to become familiar with the case of smoking weed kills sperm cells, we have to look to a Danish report published in 2015.

A sum of 1215 healthy males aged 18–28 years were enlisted for the study and got some information about their recreational medication use in the course of recent months.

The individuals who had smoked weed more than once per week in the previous three months were found to have a 28% lower sperm fixation and a 29% lower total sperm count than the individuals who had not.

Sperm includes were diminished further in the individuals who had additionally utilized other recreational drugs to 52% and 55% separately. The investigation likewise found that the members who smoked marijuana had higher testosterone levels than their partners.

All the accessible research recommends that cannabis has an extreme and negative impact on male fertility, however for what reason could this be? The appropriate answer could well exist in the endocannabinoid system.

Changes in Sperm Enzyme Cap

Researchers have connected this variant example to infertility in different studies as well.

The Buffalo study likewise found in the andrology research facility indicated that human sperm presented to elevated levels of THC displayed abnormal changes in the sperm enzyme cap, called the acrosome.

When the examiners tried synthetic anandamide counterparts — a fundamental unsaturated fat synapse — on human sperm, the ordinary enthusiastic swimming examples were changed and the sperm demonstrated decreased capacity to connect to the egg before fertilization.

Impact of Cannabis on Male Infertility

Infertility influences 10-15% of couples, and it has been assessed that a malefactor is dependable in roughly 50% of these cases.

Male infertility is diagnosed to have the analysis of a few semen parameters, for example, the quantity of total sperm, sperm motility, and the level of sperm cells with ordinary morphology.

It is realized that marijuana, the commonest recreational medication of abuse, has bad effects on male reproductive physiology.

Its utilization is related to impotence, diminished testosterone plasma level, disability of spermatogenesis, and production of spermatozoa with irregular morphology; a decrease of sperm motility, viability, and recently with the event of non-seminoma germ cell tumors.

Facts about How Smoking Weed Impacts Your Sperm

Does smoking marijuana kill sperm count? We get this question, a lot. So, perhaps.

The scientific jury is still out since there simply hasn’t been sufficient research directed to absolutely assess the effect of marijuana on male fertility. But those studies are going on and they’re stirring up what we think about marijuana’s health impacts.

Here are three facts about how weed impacts your sperm health:

  1. Marijuana Has Been Linked To both Lower and Higher Sperm Count

The most thorough study was led at the University of Copenhagen in 2015. Those researchers took a look at 1,215 youthful Danish men (ages 18-25) and found that the individuals who consistently utilized cannabis had a 28% lower sperm focus than men who smoked less every now and again or never. Furthermore, the men who joined marijuana with other recreational drugs had 52% lower sperm concentrations.

Those are significant differences. But the scientists brought up that the weed clients likewise detailed expanded utilization of liquor, tobacco, and caffeine, alongside more pressure, risk of STDs, and different variables that have been attached to infertility.

While their models represent this difference, there might be different variables affecting the sperm count difference than just marijuana use.

As such, it could be the unfortunate way of life of a weed client – including the Doritos and brownies – and not simply the drug itself.

However, another study published in 2019 out of Harvard University really found the contrary impact: out of 662 men evaluated, the 365 men who announced that they had smoked weed eventually in their life had an altogether higher sperm count than the individuals who had not.

It was a little study yet this was an astounding, and fascinating, result.

  1. THC Might Negatively Affect Your Sperm’s Motility

Research has additionally indicated that THC could negatively influence your sperm’s ability to swim and fertilize an egg. In any case, possibly not in the way that you would think.

When THC ties to the sperm cell’s mitochondria, the chemical can kick the sperm cell into overdrive and make begin swimming considerably more vigorously than typical.

You may think “more vigorous” swimming sounds like something to be thankful for, yet it really has a negative impact on this situation. Sperm need to swim far to get to the egg.

So if the sperm are excessively hyper as it so happens, they rapidly lose steam and can’t finish the journey. Keep in mind, for sperm; it’s a long-distance race, not a run.

Finally, even if the sperm DO reach the egg, THC may keep them from releasing the compounds important for successful fertilization.

Scientists at Queen’s University in Ireland treated sperm cells with THC is their lab and discovered that those sperm cells were bound to not discharge necessary enzymes.

  1. Weed May Increase Your Risk of Testicular Cancer


We’d be delinquent if we didn’t make reference to examines have discovered that men who routinely use weed are 2.5x bound to create testicular cancer. Can smoking marijuana kill sperm cells, so these discoveries certify the exploration around cannabis’ effect on sperm count?

Once more, the science hasn’t yet pinpointed that it’s simply the medication, yet there are signs that smoking weed could be a contributing component.

For some folks, parenthood denotes a change into adulthood. If you’re attempting to begin your family now, it might be time to cut back or abandon the weed propensity as a major aspect of your pledge to your health and fertility. It’s presumably not going to hurt.

Better Safe than Sorry

Since the research is comprehensive and, sometimes opposing, specialists encourage guardians to-be to quit utilizing cannabis in any structure while they are attempting to get pregnant and while pregnant.

Through ongoing research has shown that pot has a greater amount of an effect on people with previous fertility conditions, it is smarter to be protected than sorry during your pre-conception preparation.

It is as yet indistinct precisely what long haul risks smoking weed stances to the people to come, and whether any adverse effects can be turned around after some time.

What is clear is that far more research is required so as to build up the connection between cannabis and fertility, and permit individuals to settle on educated decisions about their lifestyles.

Until more is known without a doubt about this link, it would be astute for anybody contemplating beginning a family, male or female, to stop smoking weed a long time before attempting to get pregnant.

Doing this won’t just improve your odds of imagining yet in addition give your children the best opportunity for a healthy, happy life.


As marijuana develops legal in more places, marijuana use will endure rising. In order to comprehend marijuana’s effect on fertility and help doctors improved counsel their patients, researchers published things to know about the drug’s impact on fertility.

Generally, for people trying to get pregnant, it’s best to avoid marijuana.


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