Know about Home IUI Treatment & Procedure in Bangalore

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Know about Home IUI Treatment and Procedure in Bangalore

Know about Home Infertility Treatment & Procedure in Bangalore 

Infertility isn’t a disease, naming it as a disease would not be right.

Infertility is a condition and science has luckily found approaches to combat it.

The bygone fantasy that infertility’s preferred injured individual is the ladies, is currently only a myth. Indeed, infertility can strike men as well.

Past the social stigma that it’s the woman’s ‘flaw,’ the man can likewise is the purpose of infertility.

However, interestingly, infertility is treatable with IUI Treatment. 

IUI Treatment (Intra Uterine Insemination) is a procedure wherein semen is artificially inserted into the uterus to accomplish fertilization.

One of the points of the IUI technique is to expand the number of sperms coming to the fallopian tubes and accordingly increase the chances of pregnancy.

The thought is to give sperms an advantage in the journey to arrive at the egg and fertilize it. 

IUI infertility treatment is very modest as compared to IVF- in-vitro fertilization, as in IUI the process is like to that of the natural process. 

Among the most looked for after artificial insemination methods, IUI is powerful infertility treatment in Bangalore when timed perfectly inside the ovulation cycle.

It is acted in the periovulatory period. The probability of pregnancy is expanded because a motile sperm is carried nearer to the egg to permit natural fertilization inside the body in the fallopian tubes.  

The aim of IUI is to raise the number of sperm that spread the fallopian tubes and then increase the chance of fertilization.

This procedure will only take place when the woman is ovulating appropriately and the tubes keep on unbarred. 

Who can go for IUI treatment, Bangalore?  

As referenced above, IUI treatment is an effectively available and direct method, which should be possible with the fertility drugs or without, that depends on the couple’s decision.

IUI is a smooth procedure; the infertile male especially picks this treatment.

Home IUI could likewise be the answer for those females who do have an issue in their ovulation cycle. IUI can be combined with fertility medication when the female is having a problem in her eggs, mild endometriosis, and irregular ovulation cycle. 

Intra-Uterine Insemination treatment is where a semen sample is gathered from the male partner and delicately put into the uterus of the female at the hour of her ovulation.

It is a safe procedure and liberated from any complication after the treatment.  


Conditions for IUI 

IUI is typically selected as a treatment for conditions including: 

  • unexplained infertility 
  • ovulation Problems 
  • low sperm count decreased sperm motility 
  • donor sperm 
  • A hostile cervical condition such as cervical mucus that is too dense or cervical scar tissue from past procedures 
  • Ejaculation dysfunction and timing issues 
  • Failed treatment with clomiphene without fertilizations 

Steps in IUI Procedure  

  • It is obligatory that you find our IUI treatment center in Bangalore to get familiar with the treatments.  
  • On the third day of the cycle, a transvaginal scan happens. From that point onward, medicine is given to patients for about seven days.  
  • On the tenth or eleventh day, a transvaginal scan again happens for monitoring the development of the follicle. When these follicles arrive at the ideal size, HCG injections occur.  
  • Around 40 hours after the fact, the IUI procedure happens. Afterward, the partner has required the semen sample collection. For that, they have to take our appointment.  
  • The current IUI process is probably going to be set up in the Pap Smear Test. Later the patient is approached to avoid moving for around an initial 20 minutes least. 

What does IUI include?  

  • First, the female is given medication to invigorate ovulation. The maturity of the eggs is carefully monitored. 
  • The IUI procedure is performed during ovulation 
  • A washed semen test is taken, and the sperms are separated from the fundamental liquid.
  • These sperms are put directly in the uterus utilizing a catheter, and this procedure maximizes the number of sperm cells that are stored in the womb, hence expanding the odds of successful fertilization and pregnancy. 

How is it done?  

Intrauterine insemination is constantly done when the female partner ovulates.

After the specialist has ensured that you are going to ovulate, then he asks that the male partner give an example of his semen.

To build the sperm count, the doctor usually asks that the couple avoid intercourse for two or three days before the procedure. With an hour of discharge, the sperm is washed.

The most active sperm are isolated from the example in the research facility with the help of different chemicals. Centrifugation is typically done to gather the best sperm. 


Why pick Home IUI Treatment in Bangalore  

Do agree, various fertility centers in Bangalore have opened all over Bangalore, however among them; few have a high and decent success rate.

Select IVF is the fertility center, where fertility specialists have their lord hands-on IUI treatment and different fertility medicines.

Home IUI treatment in Bangalore from Subhag has those veteran specialists who have been serving for as far back as a quarter-century in physiological state issue/in the matter of fertility issue.

The strength of IUI treatment in Bangalore is that on an identical day, the woman will head home and proceed with her daily routine from the ensuing day.

There’s no difficulty or risk all through this procedure; perhaps the female patient experiences almost no spot upon the arrival of IUI or have mild pain.  

What is the cost of IUI in Bangalore?  

The average IUI Cost in Bangalore relies upon the necessities of the infertile couple and the complex nature of their case.

If you are living in Bangalore, then the IUI cost in Bangalore can be between Rs. 3000 to R.s 5000 for one IUI cycle.  

Success Stats 

IUI treatment has a success rate of almost 10-20% among women under 35, 10% for women somewhere in the range of 35 and 40, and 5% for those over 40.

It is an effective procedure that doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. While one may not get results in the first run through around, pregnancy chances are higher if the technique is repeated over three to six months. Most of the time, around 3 to 4 cycles are tried for the IUI treatment. 

IUI Success statistics-Subhag-Home-IUI


Wait for about fourteen days before taking an at-home pregnancy test. Testing too early could deliver an outcome that is:  

False-negative – If your hormone levels are not yet at a measurable level, the test result might be negative when, in fact, you truly are pregnant.  

False-positive – If you’re utilizing ovulation-actuating prescription, for example, HCG, the medicine that is as yet circulating in your body could demonstrate a pregnancy when you truly aren’t pregnant.  

Your doctor may educate you to return around about two weeks after your home unit results for a blood test, which is more sensitive in identifying pregnancy hormones after fertilization 

If you don’t get pregnant, you may attempt IUI again before proceeding onward to other fertility treatments. Frequently, the same therapy is utilized for three to six months to maximize the chances of pregnancy. 

Are IUI babies healthy?  

IUI is a primary system that is near a natural conception.

The main difference is that instead of direct ejaculation, the semen is prepared to improve sperm motility and afterward infused inside the vagina through a catheter for higher chances of treatment.

So regularly, IUI doesn’t have any adverse effects on the health of the child.  

IUI is more affordable and less invasive, so the success rate is additionally lower than the IVF.

After the finishing of the infertility treatment in Bangalore, your doctor will recommend you the best after Home IUI care to improve the chances of getting pregnant. 

Talk to the top team of fertility specialists in the country today for all your pregnancy and fertility-related queries. 



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