Managing Infertility and Life!

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Managing infertility treatments is the most difficult part of the journey to conception.

Although the most difficult stage of an infertile couple’s journey is over- One where they are unsure as to why they fail to conceive.

Starting infertility treatments means that they are taking action and addressing their issues. Yet partners face several roadblocks in managing infertility treatments.

Why does life get difficult during infertility treatments?

Timing is the most crucial part of managing infertility treatments. Everything from your doctor’s visits, to your medications, is timed.

Even the time of your intercourse will have to be pre-decided. This makes life and the process of trying to get pregnant extremely mechanical.

All patients undergoing infertility treatments experience and express this feeling of ‘losing the spark’ and ‘feeling mechanical’.

To add to this, the mere nature of the treatments, whether it is an IUI or an IVF can take a toll on your family and social life.

Doctor’s visits tend to be frequent as they chart out the ovulation cycle for managing infertility treatments.

They administer medications and intravenous injections and check the hormones.

If both partners are working, they need to find the time after work to undergo tests and visit the doctor. This leads to extra work stress and insufficient family time.

In the case of secondary infertility, where a woman is unable to conceive after having one child, the older child may feel ignored and may feel that you are unable to give him or her enough time.


What can be done to manage life around treatments?

Some steps one can take to work around the stress of treatments are-

  1. Whenever possible go for the doctor’s visits together. This way the couple can spend time together and catch up on each other while waiting. They will also be updated on how each one is doing in terms of the treatment.
  2. If you have an older child, ensure the child is also aware that mom and dad are planning on having another baby but are unable to do so and hence they need to go to the doctors frequently. Answer their questions as frankly and openly as possible and you will be surprised how understanding they can be.
  3. Depending upon your equation with your boss, you may give them a heads up about your need to take leaves or leave early on a few days. This will help in managing infertility treatment. They will appreciate that you are helping them to be prepared for such times. They might even have your back until things fall in place.
  4. If the treatment gets too stressful and you feel like it is affecting your relationship, you may take a break from trying to conceive.
  5. Men dealing with male infertility need to remember that it is not about the blame but about finding a solution and a treatment.
  6. Make time for friends and for oneself. Go on a girl’s night out, take a massage, exercise, eat healthy food. All these will not only keep your mood in check but will also help you attain a healthy life.
  7. You may find solutions in unconventional methods of treatment such as performing a Home IUI – which is more private, comfortable and convenient. At times when other methods fail, such techniques increase the chances of pregnancy.

How long do infertility treatments last?

This clearly depends upon the cause of infertility. If it is a minor problem like low sperm count or an ovulation problem, a few rounds to the doctor and a few medications will usually help.

But if it is something like endometriosis or other medical problem, that has to be resolved first for managing infertility treatments.

Some conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or Diabetes will require severe lifestyle changes. This involves controlling weight, diet, exercise, quitting smoking and alcohol in order to make any progress.

Is there a chance of a miracle?

Despite the pressure couples experience while managing infertility treatments, one must not forget to keep optimism levels high.

Many patients have reported getting pregnant naturally after a failed IUI or an IVF. Hence miracles do happen and at the right time.

Therefore, despite being harrowed while managing infertility treatments, it is important not to lose hope and to keep the faith.


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