Miscarriage – An Emotional And Physical Challenge

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Miscarriage or spontaneous, early termination of pregnancy is a traumatic experience for a woman and her family. Not only does a miscarriage take a toll on a woman’s physical health but it causes a tremendous setback emotionally.

Miscarriages are fairly common and caused because of many factors, but people rarely speak about it. Some societies and cultures make matters worse by blaming the lady or not speaking about it openly. Either way, it is not a healthy way to deal with the event.

What is a Miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a loss of the fetus, usually taking place around the 20th week of pregnancy. Most of such spontaneous abortions occur in the first 3 months of pregnancy. The symptoms include-

  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Pain in the back or abdomen
  • Discharge of pink mucus
  • Discharge of blood clots and tissue
  • Bleeding


Physical Implications of a Miscarriage-

Besides the pain, heavy bleeding and discharge of tissues along with cramps and abdominal pain, one needs to go through a procedure where the doctor removes the remaining tissues from the body.


This process is called a D&C or Dilation and Curettage.

The cervix is dilated and the uterine lining is scraped to remove any leftover tissue to avoid any infection or bleeding.

A D&C is a quick procedure that takes around 10-15 minutes on average.

However, it may cause minor pain despite the use of anesthesia.

Doctors advise on proper rest and care post this procedure.

It is advisable that a family member or a companion accompanies the patient to offer physical and mental support.

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Emotional Implications of a Miscarriage-

The pain of losing an unborn baby is almost as unbearable of losing someone close to you. From the time of conception, the mother gets emotionally attached to the child. There is no doubt that you will experience deep grief.

Miscarriage also leads to other feelings of-

  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Feeling unworthy or incomplete
  • Jealousy


Therefore, it is important that you seek professional help to come out of the situation, along with the support of family and friends.

Few hospitals provide counseling services as a part of the treatment post a D&C.

After a Miscarriage-

It is important to experience and process grief completely before you can come out of it and look forward.

Whether you want to give pregnancy another shot completely depends upon you- your age, the cause of miscarriage, the number of miscarriages, your emotional health, and physical health.

The best option would be to go for a thorough check-up and ask your doctor about the further course of action. Simultaneously, taking care of your emotional health is also important.

Therefore, always address your fears, doubts, and feelings of loneliness or insufficiency before everything else.


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