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Pregnancy is the most awaited and the most cherished moment of a woman’s life.

Not only is it the highlight for the woman but also for the entire family- especially in India, where the whole family awaits news of a progeny- someone to carry the family name and legacy.

Below you will find two stories about the trials, tribulations, frustrations, and jubilations of a few couples who have faced their battle with infertility and the various ways they have dealt with it-

Story of Harish and Ashima

Harish and Ashima belong to a socially well- off and well – educated background. Harish runs his own business of IT services and is doing quite well financially.

Ashima is grounded, down to earth and very much family-oriented. They got married 2 years back in a traditional ceremony.

Ashima decided after her 2nd anniversary that it is finally time to plan for a pregnancy. As per her calculations, by the time she turns 27 and Harish turns 30 next year, they will have their first baby. And 3 years post that, they will plan for a 2nd child.

Ashima was elated, but the feeling was short-lived when even after 6 months, they were not able to conceive. They decided to seek help and met a doctor.

After several tests on both of them, they realized that Ashima has a blocked Fallopian tube which was causing a hindrance in the sperm reaching the egg and therefore in her pregnancy.

At the same time, Harish’s sperm count and motility had taken a setback.

The doctor informed that it could be due to overheating caused when keeping the laptop on one’s lap for a long time.

The treatment-

Thereafter began a series of doctor consultations and visits to open the blockage in the Fallopian tube for Ashima. Several medications along with diet tips were shared with Harish to improve the count and motility of his sperms. After a few months, the doctor suggested that they go for an IUI or Intrauterine Insemination to plan their pregnancy.

Both Ashima and Harish were unsure whether they wanted to go ahead with such an invasive and clinical experience.

They wanted their pregnancy to be special, personal and not clinical. But at the same time, the doctor indicated that it was the only option.

After some research, they both came across the concept of a Home IUI.

They loved the idea that they can try for the baby through an IUI but at the same time at their own home.

They found that it is safe, less invasive and does not subject them to unnecessary tests and medications.

Even the cost was minimal as compared to a Hospital IUI. They decided to give it a shot. A year later, they indeed had their baby in their arms- ‘Their Baby’, who was conceived in the privacy of their home, unlike any hospital or clinic.

Nisha’s story

When Nisha had started her pregnancy journey, she was excited. She was full of hopes and dreams.

A year into the planning and suddenly it struck her that she is not heading anywhere.

She attributed it to work stress and improper timing or method. After some internet-related research and a few months more of trying, she raised a red flag.

Nisha decided to visit a doctor and get a thorough check-up of herself and her husband.

The doctor asked her to wait for a few days and checked her during her ovulation days and found that she is not ovulating, a condition called ‘Anovulation’.

She was shocked to know about this. Besides a few missed periods for which she had taken a treatment a year back, she didn’t seem to have any problems.

The doctor put her on some medications which are basically hormone-altering medications. At the same time, her husband was diagnosed with Diabetes.

Her dreams of a quick pregnancy were shattered. Both of them went on the path of getting healthier by eating right, exercising. Pregnancy took a back seat for the moment and getting fit took priority.


The Treatment-

After a year of embracing a healthy lifestyle, they decided that they would restart planning.

They believed wholeheartedly that miracles do happen and they will be able to hold their bundle of joy soon. The reports this time were much better thanks to their healthy lifestyle.

They went for their first IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). This was in the fourth year since they started planning. The IUI was unsuccessful.

Although they were prepared for it, since the first cycle of IUI is rarely successful, in Nisha’s mind she was already pregnant.

They went for an IUI a second and a third time. Both times her Ovulation- Stimulating medications were increased in dosage and frequency. Yet, both IUI cycles were in vain.

Meanwhile, work and travel kept happening and life was passing by. After every failed IUI cycle Nisha would feel like giving up.

And they did! They took a break for almost a year where they did not think about or talk about pregnancy. After a year they visited the doctor again and were suggested that they go for an IUI again and if it fails to go for an IVF.

They started prepping for the IUI, this time feeling more positive. By now they were in the 9th year since they had started planning and were really used to the disappointment.

As expected, the IUI failed! The doctor was indicating an IVF, but Nisha and her husband were really out of energy and the finances. They told him they would think about it.

The Breakthrough

In the following months, they did some more research and joined some infertility groups.

They were even considering adoption. When they stumbled upon the idea of an At – Home IUI.

They loved the idea that they would have a nurse come home to do their IUI, in the privacy of their home and at a convenient time. What’s more?

The cost was hardly anything compared to the Lakhs they had already spent. They went for the Home- IUI and that month Nisha realized that she had missed her periods.

She attributed it to stress and the medications. Nevertheless, decided to do a home- pregnancy test. The test came positive with the clear two lines. Nisha leaped with joy.

So you see, the journey of infertility is always a mixed bag of ups and downs, the lowest lows and the highest highs. One minute there’s no hope, and the next you realize a miracle has happened.

Disclaimer- The above stories are fictional and indicative of the experiences of couples dealing with fertility and their journeys. These are not to be treated as testimonials or facts.


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