The Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

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Causes of Male Infertility

Male infertility problems can sometimes be neglected in our daily lives because there appears to be an emphasis on female fertility throughout the media. If both you and your spouse are having difficulty getting pregnant, that isn’t always the case as men-related infertility; problems are just as important.

As a man, the number and quality of your sperm depend on your fertility. If the amount of sperm your ejaculate is tiny, or if the consistency of the sperm is bad, getting pregnant would be complicated and often impossible. The World Health Organization claims that male infertility is mostly underestimated, and also that infertility typically affects a substantial fraction of the nation’s population.

There is a lack of clear and reliable evidence worldwide, but scientists believe that men are mainly responsible for around 20-30 percent of cases of infertility and contribute to about 50 percent of cases total. This Is the reason techniques such as artificial home insemination are very common nowadays. 

How is male infertility diagnosed?

A detailed medical assessment, patient consultation, and medical records begin the clinical assessment for men, all of which could provide information on the factors involved. The next step is necessary for a sperm test, where only a sperm sample is examined in the laboratory. The laboratory can conduct a sperm count, test the sperm’s health, form, and activity, and will help decide the correct course of treatment.

Common Causes of Male Infertility

Common Causes for Male Infertility

This might not be easy to understand the root male infertility cause of a man’s infertility. The exact cause remains unclear for up to 50 percent of men diagnosed with male factor infertility. Male health problems usually have to do with the amount of content of the sperm, although ejaculation complications can also occur.

Although the causes for these conditions are always elusive, that whatever underlying cause may be, most alternative treatments remain the same. Some triggers that are more popular include:

Quantity of sperm

Semen comprising less sperm, or no testosterone at all, will affect the fertility of a male if the egg of the female can not really be fertilized because of a lack of sperm. It sometimes refers these to as having a reduced volume of sperm. Clinically, a low sperm number is regarded as having less than 15 million semen per milliliter of semen. You can check the amount of your sperm through a sperm analysis when you or your spouse is worried about your sperm count.

There is also a disorder described in the semen/ejaculate as the total absence of sperm. Around 5% of men who suffer from infertility are affected by azoospermia. Maybe no sperm is released by the body, but it is most commonly caused by an obstruction or obstacle in the ductus deferens or vas deferens.

This will prevent the testicles from releasing some sperm and entering the ejaculate. Once more, low sperm production or obstruction of partial ejaculatory ducts or vas deferens may trigger this causing male infertility.

Sperm quality

The performance of your sperm, such as the mobility of sperm and abnormal sperm, can affect your fertility. Reduced sperm mobility can impair the consistency of your sperm since it can cause difficulties for the sperm to enter and fertilize the egg.

Causes Of Male Infertility

Many irregular sperm variables are unidentified, but they may be attributed to several variables, including an abnormal shape, making it more difficult for semen to travel and fertilize an egg. By sperm examination, you can verify the consistency of your sperm.

Poor motility or morphology of the sperm

Often, an individual produces a good amount of sperm, although there are issues with how the sperm is produced (morphology) or how it moves (motility). Certain issues may mean that it would be difficult for the sperm to enter or penetrate the egg. This is among the most common male infertility causes faced by most people.

Erectile dysfunction

You may well have healthy sperm and the potential to conceive, but you can’t get your wife pregnant when you’re unable to have sexual intercourse successfully. Erectile dysfunction, failing to get on and sustain an erection, is a serious and sometimes reversible male problem. Consistent difficulty with obtaining or sustaining an erection (often because of medical problems) may make it much more difficult or even difficult to conceive naturally.

Testicular damage

Testicles store the sperm and shield the fragile cells from the world outside. By influencing the number and quality of sperm, disruption to your testicles may have a significant effect on your fertility. Sperm excessive heat can seriously affect their efficiency. It is necessary to keep your testicles cool to maintain a good sperm temperature.

Not sitting quietly for lengthy stretches of time and not wearing too underwire bras are simple ways that can help to do just that. Trauma, including from sport, infection, testicular surgery, a congenital defect, and enlarged clitoris testicles, are other male infertility causes of testicular harm. Only a home insemination kit could be the best way in these conditions to move forward for conceiving.

The probability of a sperm entering an egg is poor if a man regularly ejaculates during vaginal intercourse (pelvic medical conditions, psychological problems, and some medications can cause which). If your testosterone does not penetrate the egg for this to be fertilized, having ejaculation issues can affect your fertility.

Premature ejaculation (where ejaculation happens too early), retrograde ejaculation (where semen is masturbated into the bladder) as well as the inability to ejaculate are manifestations of ejaculatory disorders. If your fertility is compromised by ejaculation problems, then you’ll want to learn something about Surgical Sperm Extraction, which can be addressed with a specialist.


Among the most significant and manageable ways to enhance your fertility is to select healthier lifestyle options. By harming the sperm production, amount, or sperm passage, the following lifestyle choices can cause male infertility: excessive alcohol, illicit recreational substances such as narcotics and marijuana, testosterone, an unbalanced lifestyle, obesity, and unprotected sex contributing to sexually transmitted diseases/sicknesses that really can obstruct the transmission of sperm.

Sperm transport disorders

In 4% of the cases, a reasonable quantity of sperm cells is made, but during ejaculation, they don’t really reach the woman’s body because of an obstruction of the vas deferens. This condition is analogous to the obstruction of the female fallopian tubes.

The Most Common Causes of Male Infertility v conceive home insemination kit

Previous vasectomy or impoverishment, or epididymis blockage could be the triggers. Inflammation can result from an obstruction of the epididymis.

Disturbance of oocyte maturation

Hormonal equilibrium is an essential element in the capacity to conceive. Hormonal dysfunctions may contribute to oocyte maturation disruption, azoospermia, and luteal phase malfunction. Often, elevated levels of male hormones (androgens) in combination with ovarian cysts may be found to induce infertility. Underweight or obesity, rapid weight gain or weight loss, severe physical load, thyroid function abnormalities, tumors (rarely), prescription, and stress are other factors that might interfere with hormonal equilibrium.

Male infertility makes it impossible for women to get pregnant

Male infertility makes it difficult for the sexual partner to get pregnant. And we already realize that there is no immense happiness than being a child’s parent. For any person in the world, giving life to a potential human being is something crucial. Therefore, it is important to check for the answer to get pregnant. To guarantee that your wife gets pregnant and you are both rewarded with the greatest gift of life, you can take advantage of a home insemination kit.

Visit the doctor or a fertility counselor if you’re trying to conceive. An initial exam and evaluation of semen may offer a sign of what has been happening. If the issue is not clear-cut, more research can be done after this. If you have any reason to believe you may also need to check your fertility, especially if you and your wife have been struggling to conceive without pregnancy for more than a year, then you may want to look for an alternative, including such home insemination.

Artificial breeding methods have progressed to where it is possible to physically inject a man’s sperm into an egg. In the event of male infertility, we may use artificial insemination as an alternative to ensure that you get pregnant with your partner and enjoy those moments of childbirth. 90 percent of all male infertility, including half of all men with non-obstructive azoospermia, now has the ability to reproduce their own genetic child because of this procedure.

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