Understanding IUI- its complications and benefits!

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Complications in the IUI process are few.

At times problems arise mainly because of the negligence of the hospital staff or doctors.

Complications in IUI may also be an outcome of a lack of proper diagnosis of the cause of infertility and not taking personalized treatment actions.

Let’s explore the various scenarios that pose a threat to the credibility of a clinical IUI.

When is IUI necessary?

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination becomes necessary where there is a low sperm count or low sperm motility.

In cases of Endometriosis and in conditions where Ovulation is irregular.

Due to cervical mucus irregularities which hinder the sperm from reaching the egg for fertilization and in cases of unexplained infertility as the initial treatment option.

It is important to note that in some cases such as endometriosis and ovulation issues, the use of ovulation-inducing medication is a necessity.

However, today it has become a norm to induce ovulation in all cases even when not required.

This leads to several complications in IUI such as multiple pregnancies, low birth weight of the baby, pre-term birth, etc.

Long -term use of such drugs can lead to hormonal issues in the mother.

Therefore, there should be a stress on pre – UI consultations. Here the doctor assesses the conditions of both the partners to determine the course of action.

Other Complications in IUI

Minor health issues in the woman undergoing an IUI are minor infections and spotting post the procedure. But, there are other serious ramifications of the process of IUI such as-

Sperm Mix- Up –

With the growth of the fertility industry, the demand for infertility treatments such as IUI and IVF has increased manifold in recent years.

This has led to several fertility clinics and IVF centers to crop up in big and small cities of India. Most of these facilities provide world-class treatment whereas a few others are dodgy.

Similarly, several large and small laboratories cater to multiple clinics and doctors.

They store semen samples and embryos for IVF procedures for multiple clinics. Sperm Mix up at the laboratory level contributes to Complications in the IUI procedure.

Imagine going for an IUI treatment and getting the wrong sperm sample injected in you!

There are cases reported worldwide of mixed- up sperms during fertility treatments. In Utah, a couple found out that the wrong donor sperm was being used during her procedure.

Similarly, in another case in New Haven, a patient complained that instead of her fiancé’s sperm, the doctor had inseminated her with another person’s sperm.

The hospital attributed the mistake to human error in labeling the vials.

In 2004, a case against the New York Medical Service for Reproductive Medicine was registered, where a woman named Nancy Andrews was inseminated with the semen of a person other than her husband.

A DNA test confirmed this mix – up.

Although such cases are few and far in between- approximately 1 in 1.5 lakh, it is still a nightmare for the person who goes through something like this. Not to mention the legal and emotional implications of such an event.


A Better Option-

Clinical IUI or IUI performed at a doctor’s clinic has chances of human errors such as sperm Mix up or chances of infection. Therefore, a better option would be to a Home IUI such as the one provided by Subhag Healthtech Pvt. Ltd. This has significantly lower chances of Complications in IUI.

In a Home IUI, an expert fertility Doctor performs a thorough check-up and case study of the patients. This ensures the proper diagnosis of the cause of infertility. Further, if the doctor decides that IUI is the recommended course of action, then he allots an expert Nurse to the couple. This Nurse has experience in performing multiple deliveries and IUIs.

The couple decides a suitable date and time for the procedure. The Sperm collection takes place at their home. This provides a familiar, comfortable and hygienic environment for sperm collection resulting in better sperm quality. Sperm quality is one of the crucial factors in the success of an IUI.

The Nurse then inseminates the patient with the procured sperm avoiding any Complications in IUI such as Sperm Mix up. Hence, IUI at Home is a highly sophisticated, secure, healthier option as compared to a clinical IUI in most cases. Furthermore, it is economically a cheaper option. This adds to its benefits.


Every infertility case is different and patients often fall prey to marketing gimmicks of the myriad clinics, hospitals, and companies claiming to provide infertility solutions. It is always best to take several opinions, do thorough research and try a practice that suits you- financially, emotionally, and logistically. In the end, we hope that you fulfill your quest for leading a happy and healthy life with your bundle of joy.

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