What is Important in the Semen Analysis Report?

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What is important in semen analysis report

What is Important in the Semen Analysis Report?

Semen analysis, otherwise called a sperm count test, analyses the health and viability of a man’s sperm. Semen is the liquid containing sperm that is discharged during discharge. A semen analysis estimates three main factors of sperm health:

  • The number of sperm
  • The state of the sperm
  • The growth of the sperm also called “sperm motility.”

Doctors will regularly lead a few separate sperm analyses to get a smart thought of sperm’s health. As indicated by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), the tests ought to be led at least seven days separated and through the span of a few months.

Sperm counts can differ consistently. Taking a normal of the sperm count test can give the most decisive outcome.

The sperm count verifies whether there are sufficient sperms. If the example has fewer than 20 million sperm for each ml, this is viewed as a low sperm count. Less than 10 million is extremely low. The specific term for a low sperm count is oligospermia.

Some men will not have sperms at all and are called to be azoospermic. This can come as a shock because the semen in these patients look entirely typical – it is just on semen analysis report that the issue is detected.

Planning for a Semen Analysis

Your doctor will likely disclose to you that you have to go without intercourse for a few days before the test.

You might be approached to step through the test twice, mainly if the principal results are abnormal or borderline anomalous.

Additionally, you’ll need to maintain a strategic distance from high heat exposure in a few months before your test.

This includes things like regular hot tubing, using vehicle seat warmers, or conceivably high-heat exposure in the working environment.

A high fever can likewise affect your sperm counts. The testicles are outside the body in the scrotum since sperm are so touchy to temperature.

Unfortunately, if you have been presented to high heat, or experienced a high fever, it might take a little while for your sperm counts to come back to their type.

Notice this to your doctor if you realize it might be an issue so that the test can be planned appropriately.

Some suggest that you ought to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine, and recreational drugs the week before your semen analysis.

While there is a possibility that this way of life propensities can contrarily affect your sperm count, it’s improbable that giving them for seven days will have a significant effect in your sperm count test.


Why is sperm analysis done?

Individuals may require a sperm analysis for various reasons. Some people or couples will demand a sperm analysis if they are having difficulty conceiving.

In couples that have been not able to conceive, a few estimates recommend that there is a male factor present 40 to 50 percent of cases.

Up to 2 percent of men show issues with their sperm, coming about because of one or a combination of:

  • Low sperm include in a sample of semen
  • Poor sperm development, known as motility
  • Irregular sperm size and shape, known as morphology

Individuals may likewise have a sperm analysis to count if a vasectomy was successful. A vasectomy is a surgery that specialists complete for permanent male sterilization.

Following a vasectomy, doctors commonly suggest customary sperm analysis for a while to guarantee there are no sperm staying in the semen.


How is semen collected for testing?

Semen testing ought to be done with a new semen test ejaculated inside one hour of analysis. A semen sample is best collected in a specimen jar and created by masturbation. You usually do this in a private room at the testing laboratory.

When you gather semen at home, you need to keep the example warm and take it to the laboratory rapidly – inside one hour if possible. If this strategy for collecting semen is too tricky, you can talk with your doctor about other options.

You have to ensure that you don’t lose any of the semen samples. As sperm are mostly in the initial segment of the ejaculate, losing the original part can falsely bring down the sperm concentration. Significantly, you don’t ejaculate for in any event two days before the example is collected. Yet, it’s similarly significant that it’s not been longer than seven days since you last ejaculated.

How is semen analysis directed?

You’ll have to give your doctor a semen test for a semen analysis. There are four fundamental ways to gather a sperm count test:

  • Masturbation
  • Sex with a condom
  • Sex with withdrawal before ejaculation
  • Ejaculation invigorated by the power

Masturbation is viewed as the preferred method to get a spotless example.

What do the outcomes mean?

The results of a sperm analysis ought to be prepared inside a couple of days.

A sperm analysis takes a look at a few variables while thinking about the health of the sperm. Things being what they are, what do fertility doctors search for in a sperm specimen?

There are six fundamental parts to semen analysis:

  1. Volume

What number of milliliters was created? Typical is between 1.5 – 5 mL, or between ¼ – 1 teaspoon. Low volumes can demonstrate a blockage or dysfunction in the seminal vesicles or prostate.

  1. Concentration

What number of million sperm for every milliliter was created? The normal is roughly 15-20 million or higher. Lower amounts may demonstrate that sperm is being blocked from coming out, or that the testicles are not creating sperm how they should.

  1. Motility

What number of moving sperm is available? This ought to be someplace over 40 – 50%, depending upon the system utilized for analysis. A lower amount may show that there is toxin exposure, for example, smoking, liquor, caffeine, or chemicals from a job or hobby. Low motility can likewise show hormonal issues or a varicocele.

  1. Complete Motile Count

How many moving sperm are in the whole example? Typical sperm samples have in any event 20 million moving sperm. A quick reference — if the sperm count is between 10-20 million, intrauterine inseminations might be useful. If there are under 10 million moving sperm, in vitro preparation (IVF) is prescribed.

  1. Morphology

What percentage of sperm is typically shaped? It is inquired as to whether abnormal sperm will build the chances of a congenital disability. They don’t because lone usually shaped sperm can fertilize the egg. But with a low number of regularly moulded sperm, the chances of pregnancy decrease.

  1. Different Factors

We additionally take a look at the number of days of forbearance. This ought to be between 2-5 days. Longer days of patience may have higher counts yet less motility or lower morphology. Shorter days may have fewer numbers. We additionally take a look at different cells, for example, white platelets, which could show a potential infection.

What do abnormal outcomes mean?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise that a somewhat unusual sperm analysis doesn’t imply that an individual is forever barren. Instead, doctors can utilize the outcomes as a tool to help recognize what components are causing fertility issues.

Individuals who get abnormal results from a semen analysis experience further testing to help recognize the specific issue. As a rule, an individual’s fertility issues resolve with the correct treatment.

What does a typical semen analysis report mean?

A typical semen analysis report is consoling, and shouldn’t usually be.

If the semen analysis is ordinary, most specialists won’t have to look at the man, since this is then redundant.

However, recall that because the sperm include and motility is in the typical range, this doesn’t imply that the man is “fertile”.

Even if the sperm show normal motility, this doesn’t always mean that they are fit for “working” and fertilizing the egg—the primary secure method for demonstrating whether sperm work is by doing IVF.

What are the purposes of a weak semen analysis report?

Inadequate sperm tests can result from:

  • Incorrect semen assortment method, if the example isn’t collected appropriately, or if the holder is dirty
  • Too long a period delay between giving an example and its testing in the laboratory
  • Too short an interim since the past ejaculation
  • Recent systemic illness over the most recent three months

If the sperm count test is irregular, this should be repeated a few times over a time of 3-6 months to affirm whether the variation from the abnormality is determined or not.

Try not to bounce to an end dependent on only one report – recollect that sperm counts do will in general shift all alone! It takes six weeks for the testicles to create new sperm – which is the reason you have to hold up before repeating the test.

It likewise bodes well to repeat it from another laboratory, to guarantee that the semen analysis report is valid.


A sperm analysis is one of the main tests that males experience to search for the reasons behind the trouble with conceiving. Individuals likewise require sperm analysis to count the success of a vasectomy.

If sperm analysis results are abnormal, a specialist will typically prescribe further testing to help locate the hidden reason and figure a treatment plan.

Many cases of male infertility are treatable with the way of life changes, medications, surgery, and different mediations.

If these are ineffective, a specialist or fertility instructor can assist individuals with exploring various alternatives, for example, donor sperm or adoption.

With male infertility factor adding to 40-45% of infertility-related cases, a couple needs to guarantee the male as much as the female gets tested for his fertility potential.

Understand that the man’s fertility levels can help eradicate various probabilities considered as the reason for infertility in the couple.


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